• Custodial
  • Electrician
  • Public Safety/Cedar Falls Police Dept./Blackhawk County Sheriff
  • Paramedics /Ambulance
  • Security (Professional or Students)
  • Grounds
  • Area Mechanic


Other Estimated Expenses

  • Box Office Fee (Ticket Sellers, Ushers, Ticket Office Students)
  • Turf Conversion (depending on the time of year)
  • Staging, Lights, Sound Rental
  • Crane Rental (if necessary)
  • Post Event Clean-up
  • Spotlight Rental
  • Dressing Room Furniture Rental
  • Port-a-pots Rental
  • Phone Lines
  • Catering (to be negotiated)
  • Advertising (if necessary)


* Also included within building rental fees are Event Personnel (Operations Manager, Ticket Manager/Finance , Facility Coordinator, Booking/Assistant Operations, and Event Assistant) and the use of UNI-Dome Equipment (Forklift, Scissor lift, etc.)*

* Expenses are negotiable and are subject to change depending on rider specifications *