Because the UNI-Dome is located on a college campus, the ability to spread information through word-of-mouth to 13,000 students, 2,500 faculty, and countless administrative assistants, is the key to success for all UNI-Dome events.

The Cedar Valley carries three main television stations and a local Cedar Falls channel. KWWL is located in Waterloo, whereas the other two main stations are located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (approximately 45 minutes south of Cedar Falls). All carriers will cover events upon request and advertisements can be placed as necessary.

Numerous radio station's signals can be obtained in the Cedar Falls area. KUNI, along with three radio subsets are broadcasted on-campus at UNI and KBBG is broadcasted in Waterloo. Approximately seventy-five other stations are located within the target range for UNI-Dome events.

The campus student newspaper, the Northern Iowan, is published twice a week and covers all events in the UNI-Dome. The Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier, distributed daily throughout the Cedar Valley, also prints articles pertaining to events held in the UNI-Dome. Placing advertisements in these two publications, as well as many others, is also available.

The UNI-Dome website (, as well as, the UNI Homepage ( advertises all special events held in the UNI-Dome. Pictures from each event are posted following the show to assist in event awareness in the future.


Target Market Demographics


Local Population (Black Hawk County): 128,012
Total Population of Target Market: 908,140

Local average income: $ 22,456
Target Market average income: $ 21,894


 Age Groups  Local  Target Market
 15-19  11,096  72,803
 20-24  1,117  72,710
 25-34  3,033  114,102
 35-44  4,389  136,102
 Median Age  34.40  38.00


 Gender  Local  Target Market
 Female  66,554  462,959
 Male  61,458  445,481


 Population  Local  Target Market
 Over 18  98,467  686,651
 17 & Under  29,545  221,489


* All statistics are from 2000 census reports
* Target Market is within 90 Miles of the UNI-Dome